IoT - SOPHIA takes the interaction with Service to a higher level. It provides a continuous connection with the Biesse control centre, the option of calling for assistance from within the customer app (with requests managed as a priority), and a diagnostics and performance check. IoT offers a comprehensive overview of machine performance, with remote diagnostics, machine stoppage analysis and fault prevention.

App available on iOS and Android

Digital when it comes to technology, and human when it comes to relationships.


You can receive a range of useful information directly on your smartphone or tablet, via the app. The information is always available to the user at any time, even when the machine is switched off.


The platform allows a spare parts purchase basket to be automatically compiled after the monitoring of the machine component status and the notification of the need for intervention. The customer can choose whether or not to confirm the order.


Customers can view indicators relating to machine productivity and specific parameters for the type of machining operation, in order to maintain a consistent standard of performance and perfect the machining cycles.


The machine data can be viewed directly by Biesse Service, which therefore has all the necessary information already to hand when it communicates with the customer. This means reduced assistance times.


If necessary, the customer can create a video call via the smartphone to facilitate communication, allowing Biesse Service to actually see what the customer is filming.

Machine downtime

Interconnection and personalized support. The service network is at your side through every step: from error notification to its resolution.

Proactive Maintenance

From the task notification to the automatic generation of the online cart on PARTS: the machine maintenance has never been so rapid and convenient.

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